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Twenty years ago this month, our company was re-imagined and moved from Burbank, California to South Beloit, Illinois. We chose South Beloit because of it’s proximity to Colleges with Electrical Engineering programs , and Technical Schools with Electronics Technician programs. The biggest reason we came here was the quality of the workforce as a result of those schools, and the embedded manufacturing base that was already here.
We were lucky to have 15% of our full time employees move cross country with us. Many of them had never touched snow!

The results of that move are clear. We’ve developed an electronic control brand with world class quality and best-in-class service. Twenty years later, we have the strongest collective group of expertise and know-how in our market.

Pictured below are the employees who were here with us in 2003, and are still with us today. We’re proud of our people beyond words, and recognize EACH of them!

(Back row from left)
22 years – Miodrag Zubic, Director of Engineering
20 years – Sheila Zwiefelhofer, Engineering Document Control Coordinator
20 years – Ron Bennett, Electronics Production Assembler
27 years – Chris Fordell, Supply Chain Manager
20 years – Ron Merrell, Electronics Test Technician
23 years – Dan Schnabel, President
20 years – Scott Merrell, Electronics Production Assembler
36 years – Manuel Martinez, Production Lead
20 years – Jim Truax, Case-Line Lead

(Front row from left)
25 years – Warren Melonson, Senior Engineering Technician
23 years – Lonnie Lewis, Electronics Test Technician
20 years – Christie Cassioppi, Electronics Production Assembler
20 years – Ann Merrell, Inventory Control Clerk
20 years – Steve Christophersen, Quality-Production Manager
20 years – Lisa Strathman, Customer Service Supervisor
29 years – Richard Lopez (not pictured), Senior Applications Engineer

Thank you for all your dedication, hard work, and team work to make ACE the BEST SERVICE PROVIDER IN OUR BUSINESS!!