Industrial Monitors & Touch Screens

As a leading supplier of industrial and medical grade LCD monitors, we continue to provide innovative standard, modified and completely custom monitors and touchscreens to our OEM clients throughout the world. We utilize Grade-A LCD panels, high-end image processing boards and superior graphics engines to ensure superb image quality and long-term reliability when operating 24/7/365 in challenging environments. 

Key Display Capabilities

Sunlight Readable
High Brightness Displays

TRU-Vu High Bright Sunlight Readable Monitors or Touchscreens enable users to see clear, sharp video images even in direct sunlight with a bright screen. Some go up to 2,500 nits of brightness.  This makes them far brighter than standard LCD monitors.

4:3 Aspect Ratio Square Monitors

Many products and systems in still require a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor or touch screen. 4:3 monitors are also called square monitors, due to their nearly-square shape. They perfectly match the 4 3 aspect ratio resolutions of NTSC/PAL analog industrial cameras.

waterproof monitors

Waterproof Monitors and Touchscreens

Every TRU-Vu outdoor monitor and weatherproof touch screen is perfect for use outdoors in any weather. They are also ideal for use in factories or processing plants, car-washes, or where wash-downs would destroy standard LCD monitors.

Open Frame Monitors

Open Frame Monitors

Open frame monitors will be completely assembled, but without the typical outer enclosure. We will mount the components to the rear of the LCD panel itself, or onto a rear metal plate. (This is just one example of many possible designs.) We will provide mounting flanges, slots and holes to meet your mounting needs.

Medical-Grade Displays and Touch Screens

Our wide range of medical-grade monitors are specifically designed for medical and surgical display applications. TRU-Vu surgical displays are certified to the latest UL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1 standards. Our medical displays are designed and built for 24/7/365 use specifically for healthcare and medical imaging technology.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

16:9 Aspect Ratio Displays- Widescreen

16:9 aspect ratio is now the dominant widescreen monitor format. Consequently, TRU-Vu offers an extensive selection of 1080p monitors and touch screens with a variety of aspect ratios. The rectangular shape is similar to any modern television. Older TV’s and monitors had a 4:3 aspect ratio, which looked more like a square.

Panel Mount Monitor

Panel Mount Monitors & Touch Screens

TRU-Vu industrial panel mount displays enable you to flush mount monitors into walls, doors or cabinets, thereby saving valuable space. This will minimize chances for damage to the monitors.  We offer waterproof indoor monitors, as well as outdoor flush mount monitors with high brightness and waterproof options.

Custom OEM Monitors

Custom OEM Displays

Let TRU-Vu provide a custom or modified LCD display, or design a custom OEM monitor to meet your needs. We can customize nearly aspect of your display, from the inputs and electronics, to screen treatments and enclosures. Custom options for embedding your own devices inside our enclosures and even private labeling it with your own name/logo and corporate identity are available.

For a full product array visit TRU-Vu Monitors, which is wholly owned by Global Point Technology Group.