Global Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Expertise

Global Point Technology Group has managed end-to-end sourcing for small, mid-sized, and global manufacturing organizations for more than 40 years. We’ve helped reduce costs by sourcing custom engineered products and components ranging from plastic, metal, electronic, and electro-mechanical components, and assemblies from both North American and International sources. This exercise is a collaborative function, and we consult with you through the entire process to keep you informed and address any questions you may have.

For a full product array visit Global Point Sourcing Solutions, which is wholly owned by Global Point Technology Group.

Truly Global Presence

Engineers in our global offices co-manage every project. They work with supplier partners to identify and solve any challenges. We can implement quality improvement programs and manage ongoing production requirements to ensure delivery of reliable results.

Local Program Management

U.S. program managers guide the project from order to delivery. We can:

Proven Process

Global Point Technology Group has refined its process for more than 40 years, enabling us to provide a wide selection of component manufacturing processes and finishing capabilities.

Complete Quality Assurance

Consistent quality assurance is an inherent part of our process. We perform ongoing factory audits and inspections combined with rigorous quality assurance guidelines at our stateside warehouses.