Supply Chain Management

Built for Innovation

Global Point Technology Group supports the full cycle of your product development and delivery. We help ensure quality and profitability while committing to help meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. We consider lead times, material specifications, technology, part design, and logistics freight and duty costs to define and manage the right solution.

Save costs with freight consolidation

Handle regulatory

Manage duties & licenses

Address warehousing & distribution questions

For a full product array visit Global Point Sourcing Solutions, which is wholly owned by Global Point Technology Group.


We offer a network of secure and carefully maintained warehousing facilities. Our teams perform quality inspections, stock buffer inventory, and provide just-in-time delivery from anywhere in North America. Stateside warehousing allows us to accept your shipments and reduce shipping times and expenses by warehousing your parts, components, and assemblies locally to be ready exactly when you need them.

Inventory Management

We efficiently and cost-effectively secure your supply chain to make sure you have the right products at the right place and time. We can help you control stock and track business cycles to manage inventory needs.


In addition to designing and manufacturing both standard and custom products, we also perform value-added assembly, complete with qualification and testing.

Our assembly services and capabilities can provide significant savings above current manufacturing costs. Partnering with us streamlines your processes, whether for value-added assemblies or custom packaging. We adapt flexibly to your changing production schedule and can handle both turnkey and box build solutions.