Driving Success in a Wide Range of Industries

Global Point Technology Group helps drive the success of countless products across a wide range of commercial, industrial, and everyday household applications.


Nothing is more critical than the standards within the medical industry. GPTG has developed innovative product solutions for the medical industry’s high standards. Products ranging from user interface controls, remote patient monitoring, biomedical sensors, gearing, complete medical device manufacturing and design meeting FDA, ISO 13485, and UL standards.


Precise manufacturing and process control is critical. GPTG’s solutions range from controls, drives, IoT devices, monitors, displays, sensors, and interfaces that helps our customers run efficiently and safely.


The GPTG family of companies supply a wide range of products to the appliance industry. Products that include interfaces, plastic and metallic components, electrical assemblies, manual and motorized latch systems, integrated SMART latches, actuators, dosing pumps, switches, and gas and fluid control components.


GPTG provides a wide range of products and services for the automotive and transportation industry. Whatever the application, GPTG brings value to our customers by supplying solutions such as monitors, displays, interfaces, sensors, gearing, controls, electrical assemblies, and mechanical and non-metallic components.

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